Lilian Neg - Pressphoto

Lilian Neg – Pressphoto

Lilian Neg is a Cameroonian citizen specialized in Africa geopolitical analysis. She was born on the 14 of April 1979 in Santa North West region of Cameroon.

She has a Master Degree in International Law obtained in 2005 at the University of ngaoundere and she became a journalist in 2006 at Le Démocrate News paper as chief desk editor in charge of the English version specialized in national and international politics.

Eight years of experience in this domain permitted her to write and publish a book in 2014 about the Iraqi war [1].

Lilian Neg is currently active within football management, communication and translation where since 2009 she is the Public relations officer of the Cameroonian Footballers’ National Union.

She writes frequently for the Swedish news and debate e-zine

[1] ”L’Irak dans le rétroviseur,une autopsie de l’effondrement du regime de Saddam Hussein: les secrets d’un combat inachevé contre le terrorisme mondial”