Scanteam presents a brand new site for casino fans. Photo: Jonathan Petersson. Licens:

Scanteam presents a brand new site for casino fans. Photo: Jonathan Petersson. License:

Scanteam presents a brand new site that is dedicated 200% to giving the reader the best and most useful review information regarding their options for online casinos, casino games, and gambling in Sweden in general. 

The site is the brainchild of a team of experts from We aim at filling this site with the best and most accurate casino reviews on a user-friendly platform. Readers will also have a chance to share their opinions, experiences, and reviews in comments. It is firmly believed here at that customer feedback is the #1 metric for determining the quality and value of any particular online casino, game, bonus offer, and more.

Our expert team will thoroughly research each casino that is reviewed. They will constantly monitor and analyze those sites, as well as updating the published reviews with any new information from our valued public. In this way, we will be able to offer players some of the most accurate and up-to-date reviews out there on the internet. Readers will also have the option of following us on social media, where we will be posting relevant excerpts from our website in a timely and pertinent manner.

Why is innovative

This project is innovative because, unlike many generic websites out there, which give very general information, this website focuses exclusively on the Swedish gambling enthusiasts and their wants and needs. Websites that truly cater specifically to the Swedish population are all but non-existent. Indeed, as a Swede, you may find even less when looking for information on gambling-related issues.

This is more important than people may think since many legal issues regarding gambling (online or otherwise) vary greatly from country to country, so there is a lot of confusion out there. Also, different online casinos often have many country-specific offers.

Players living in Sweden may find that it is very easy to hear about a great offer, only to discover later that it was for some other country and does not apply to Swedish players at all. There will be no need to worry about this kind of thing ever again with! We focus on the Swedish market and only provide information that is relevant to people gambling within the confines of Swedish territory.

Our optimum user interface for our casino fans

At, a lot of thought has been put into designing the best possible user interface for the reader, because it is no good at all having the most reliable and up-to-date information in the world if it’s hard to access because of poor site design and long load times.

Readers can rest assured that, upon going to, the information will always be readily available at their fingertips. What’s more, everything on the site will load quickly and properly. So, whether you are looking to find general information on gambling or the details of a specific strategy, you’ll find it all here. You can read an impartial review of a casino, find the latest info on the legal situation of gambling in Sweden, or leave a comment regarding anything we have posted.

The whole experience will be easy on the eyes, quick, and smooth. Furthermore, is committed, on a long term basis, to continuing to keep things running smoothly, quickly, and flowing. This will be ensured by employing best practices and design principles for the website, no matter how big it gets and how much it scales.

Brought to you by

This project was conceived and is presented to you by a team of experts from ScanTeam is committed to getting things right from the very beginning and maintaining that in the future.

We aim at being the best review site for Swedish online casino fans. This will be achieved by carefully analysing the Swedish gambling market and following up on issues like new promotions, bonuses, and payment options, as well as reviewing new games and casino sites.

All of this, as mentioned above, is done from a strictly Swedish perspective. Swedes will no longer have to scratch their heads and wonder if the information they just read is truly valid for them.

At ScanTeam, we’re experts in both gambling and localisation. We’re an innovative and exciting company and have already launched six other country-specific projects focusing on the gambling world. We plan to continue to roll out new projects, focusing mainly on the Scandinavian market for the time being.

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